“Laura is a stellar marketing professional with many years of public relations expertise. We serve on United Way Blackhawk Region’s Brand Strategy and Marketing Committee together, and she previously helped me to envision and implement a new mission statement for Rotary Botanical Gardens. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious, and she always makes projects fun. Most recently, Laura and I served on an interview committee for United Way’s new Marketing Manager and she brought seasoned strategic and tactical experience to the table. Laura is wildly talented, highly-organized and dedicated to project success and customer satisfaction. It is my great pleasure to recommend Barten & Associates, LLC!”
Mary Fanning-Penny, President, United Way Blackhawk Region

“Outstanding work on every occasion. You can absolutely depend upon her for the results you are looking for on each and every project. A real pleasure to do business with and I highly recommend her to you.”
Richard Gruber, Vice President of Community Advocacy, Mercy Health System

“As the owner of a small company finding firms that will take you seriously and are willing to grow with you are rare. Working with Laura we found both and so much more. She helped take our company from a $100K firm to over $1.1 million in business. Her firm got the world and our local community to know our company to a level we could never have achieved without her work. It has been a pleasure to use her firm. I highly recommend her to any business looking to grow and improve their public awareness.”
Scott Story, Owner, Pond Professors

“Laura has worked with Mercy Health System as a writer for many years and has done an excellent job in providing the details and and the creativity required for our projects. With her help, we have been able to submit applications for the Best Places to Work for AARP and Working Mothers, and have been recognized by both. I highly recommend Laura.”
Kathy Harris, Vice President Human Resources and Organizational Development, Mercy Health System

“Ms. Barten is one of the brightest, most progressive and creative professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with in our industry. She always demonstrates a high degree of dedication and integrity toward her work and her associates, and carries out all of her obligations with enthusiasm and resolve.”
Jen (McCartney) DeGarmo, Proprietor, F.I.D.O.

“[Laura] is a highly driven and motivated pro who just ‘gets it.’ An expert in her area, her partnership is highly regarded as an asset to our organization. She is personable, a team player, a great writer with a mix of the best communication skills/abilities you would desire from a consultant.”
Lindsay Scheidell Hergert, Communications Director, American Heart Association

“Laura is an excellent consultant and writer, with a high degree of creativity, integrity and professionalism. She has an amazing gift of always getting the job done right the first time. I know I can always rely on her to get the job done quickly and accurately, and highly recommend her.”
Sarah Wagner, Creative Coordinator, Mercy Health System

For more information and a free introductory consultation, contact Laura Barten at (608) 758-2672 or via email.

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