Barten & Associates, LLC Services

  • Marketing and business plan development
  • National and local recognition/awards program management
  • Copywriting, executive speech writing and ghostwriting services
  • Process and quality improvement strategies
  • Customer service/satisfaction evaluation and development
  • Customer-focused business realignment
  • Public relations program development
  • Social media/Web 2.0 strategy and program design
  • Website, multimedia and graphic design management
  • Employee programming and training seminars

Barten & Associates, LLC Specialties

  • Strategic planning for customer and profit growth, with a special emphasis on marketing strategy, including product/service design to creatively meet buyer needs/solve hidden problems
  • Executive ghostwriting services with publishing consultation and support
  • Award/recognition program development and implementation with demonstrated return on investment
  • Process and quality improvement to support performance excellence, including assistance applying proven quality enhancement models like the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality criteria
  • Leading-edge customer service evaluation and development
  • Customer-focused business planning
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Brand and image development
  • Publicity “on a shoestring” for small/emerging businesses
  • Word-of-mouth strategies that work
  • Creative social media and Web 2.0 techniques
  • Program design for employee (and therefore customer) satisfaction

Learn More
For more information and a free introductory consultation, contact Laura Barten at (608) 758-2672 or via email.

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