Quality means different things to different audiences. It can be approached in a number of ways, using various models and structural foundations. But that’s okay with us. At Barten & Associates, LLC, we don’t believe in prescribing one-size-fits-all solutions. We will work with your organization to find the best system for you.

Systematic Quality Processes

How do you define quality in your industry? In your organization? Is that definition shared and embraced system-wide? What tools do you offer your employees to help them meet and exceed goals? How are missteps identified, treated and rectified? Does your current quality system evolve organically, thanks to self-correction mechanisms pre-built into the system, or are you forever tweaking things and not quite sure if everyone is headed in the same direction?

Developing a systematic quality system that has the agility and flexibility to grow and develop with your organization as internal and external environmental factors inevitably shift can make you an invincible contender in today’s marketplace. It is not enough to engage a range of quality processes and tools, of which there are many, and hope for the best. To truly maximize your success, your quality effort must be systematized, simple, all-encompassing and have learning and adjustment mechanisms built into the system so continuous improvement is virtually guaranteed.

Barten & Associates, LLC can help your team evaluate your options, select and personalize your approach using proven tools, and integrate a comprehensive quality system across your entire organization to support lasting success.

Quality and the Customer Experience

Quality is so intensely connected to the customer experience that we believe you cannot talk about one without the other. No matter your product or service, if you do not exhibit quality in every interaction, your customers will eventually find other providers to better meet their needs.

Barten & Associates, LLC offers intensive customer service evaluation, recommendation and training modules to help its clients identify and correct potentially damaging behaviors while systematizing overall customer service efforts to improve satisfaction. We highly recommend that organizations first, or simultaneously, evaluate internal quality processes to allow for true learning and change to occur. We have found that surface efforts (new customer service mandates, climate exciters, employee engagement exercises, etc.) have only a very short term positive effect unless an organization’s larger quality system is engaged to systematically support these efforts.

Barten & Associates, LLC also offers intense, confidential, on-site evaluation services that provide a personal and unbiased snapshot of the customer experience from the inside out. Because of the confidential and personalized nature of this service, please contact Laura Barten directly at (608) 758-2672 or via email for more information.

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