Since 1995, Barten & Associates, LLC has been solving complex marketing problems, helping its client companies better connect with and serve their customers, resulting in increased satisfaction, retention, sales and profits.

Experience + Innovation = Success

In business, two things count: experience and innovation. Experience means masters-level business and marketing training coupled with real-world experience implementing large-scale, integrated strategic marketing initiatives for industry-leading companies. An established track record of innovative, successful programming supplies additional confidence, assuring this education and experience will be used to your advantage in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Barten & Associates, LLC offers your organization a powerful mix of experience and innovation, keeping your projects on time and within budget.

Barten & Associates, LLC can help your firm:

  • Develop a solid and well-loved brand
  • Enhance the customer experience by integrating your brand, quality and customer service initiatives into a cohesive whole
  • Efficiently segment and reach vital customer groups
  • Define your buyers in new ways to better identify and solve buyer problems
  • Develop and implement creative campaigns to reach your target audiences cost effectively
  • Solve buyer problems and reach new customer segments through service/product reframing and redesign
  • Build a positive and enduring relationship with your customers, employees and communities
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention, improving stability and profitability
  • Write a strong and flexible strategic marketing plan that will serve your company for years to come

Intensive Strategic Planning and Creative Support

Barten & Associates, LLC also offers intensive on-site and off-site corporate marketing department consulting to a select client list. Prinicipal Laura Barten works with the client marketing contact (often the CEO or Vice President of Marketing) and his or her team to develop long-term marketing strategies and provide creative support on various projects. Engaging an outside party helps reinvigorate the planning process by bringing a fresh, outside perspective to program and campaign development. Contracting an adjunct marketing team member also allows these departments to take on a greater depth and breadth of projects without the permanence of hiring a new employee or the commitment of an extended advertising agency contract. Monthly, weekly, daily and half-day options are available and can be tailored to an organization’s particular needs.

For more information, please contact Laura Barten at 608-758-2672 or via email.

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